Learning & Leaning Every Day

After my rambling in my last post about how saddened and discouraged I sometimes get – I thought I would now counter that with some more positive and encouraging words!

Life is like a rollercoaster with highs and lows. The main thing to remember is to hang on in the low times in order to get through them and into the high times – right? At least that is my view. I’ve really been that way all my life – even with my natural tendency to find the negatives in life, I don’t allow those down times to keep me down. For me it’s just a matter of dealing the best I can and waiting for the next wave.

While I was feeling down about the thoughts rumbling around in my head when I wrote the other post – a part of me kept saying ‘no, I am not going to remain in this place’. I will release the pressure that was building for so long inside by writing it down, but I refuse to allow myself to remain down on life and society, etc. First of all, what’s the point? Does my attitude make a difference in how this world will rotate? Nope. It only makes a difference in MY life and how I choose to live it.

I believe that God waits for me to wallow around and get a little dirty and messy for a bit – until I run full circle right back to Him. It is then that He starts to reveal things to me. I know that I have this constant and unnecessary little battle in most things I do – because I am such a strong-willed person maybe? But it seems that most times it is like this – I am battling and fighting for survival and then I finally slow down, calm down and turn my thoughts and focus back on God.

If it were a cartoon – you would see me running around chasing my own tail or like a chicken with its head cut off (as the saying used to go). And you would see God sitting there silently watching and waiting for me to run out of steam. Then he would gently pick me up off the ground and comfort me without a single word -without any criticism what-so-ever but simply with love and kindness and unbelievable patience. Once I catch my breath and settle in to pay attention, He will then show me whatever it is that I need to know. And of course I then see that had I started with my focus on Him, I would have saved myself a lot of energy and bruises.

Right after I wrote that last post – I met with someone asking for some insight about a very difficult situation she was in. That gently reminded me of how many people still come to me for support or advice or whatever insight I might be able to give them. And then just yesterday, my superior mentioned that I had stated something several months ago about praying for someone that I had difficulties with –and that she was trying to do the same now. I realized that a simple statement I had said had made an impact – when I didn’t even realize it.

Also another coworker made a statement that I was quite an example of a true Christian – and that I walked the walk. Wow. I was taken aback. You see I don’t think in terms like that really. I don’t think to myself that I must act and talk a certain way necessarily – I simply desire to treat others in a compassionate way and to always be fair and honest. The way I want to be treated.

There was God’s gentle voice in my ear –reminding me to not let the negatives of this world take me down. Not to allow myself to wallow too long because people around me were watching. People were learning from me. They were taking to heart things that I barely gave a second thought to honestly.

Okay – so I’m getting back up, folks. My fibro pain is in full throttle this week and I’m so incredibly tired I can barely function. BUT – I will not allow it to get in my way. I will not allow it to cloud my thinking and feeling down on life in general. After all – this life is a gift from my God! I will cherish it and take care of it to the best of my ability.

More importantly though, I will strive to always keep Him in the driver’s seat and simply enjoy the ride!

I hope all who reads this will have a wonderfully blessed and fabulous weekend (today is Friday as I write this). And maybe take a minute to slow down, quiet down and listen to that loving Voice. See and hear what you might need to learn.

Take care!  Red River


  • Three posts in a week…you’re on a roll Ms. Clay. I have been meaning to reply to He Didn’t Say It Would Be Easy…Or Painless… but, now that I’ve found several moments to tap out a few thoughts, I think I’ll stick with this post. I am pleased that you are able to “release the pressure” through expressive writing. I enjoy writing also, but rarely seem to find the time or energy, hence the nice journal on my desktop full of nothing but a few doodles and good intentions. One of these days…

    Perhaps our individual attitudes are not capable of knocking the earth off its axis, but, as you pointed out, our beliefs, feelings, values, and dispositions have the capability to powerfully affect the lives of others. You bought up three such positive effects on other people in this post alone—someone, a superior, and a coworker. Kudos to you for not letting “the world” take you down and for walking the walk. And hooray for you for getting back up, and for not letting the fibro organize your life.

    I am pleased you are listening to God’s voice—so very powerful. What we seek first organizes everything else in our lives. If I seek first relief from frustration, the things that frustrate me are given power to organize all the other aspects of my life. If I seek first relief from pain, my pain now becomes the organizing principle of my life. If I seek first financial stability, my health, relationships, everything in my life is organized around those things. I find that when I take myself out of the center by seeking the Kingdom of God first (hmmm, where have I hear that before?) these things will be taken care of; not always in my time or in my way, but taken care of nonetheless.

    Thank you for the encouraging update and thanks for the reminder to slow down, get quiet, and listen to that loving Voice. I do so very much love His presence.


    • Your words reminded me of a story my pastor told us one day about a friend who was very ill. The man said that one day that he realized the more he focused on his illness the more it became who he was. And when he finally turned his eyes back on God – he was then healed.

      We always get in our own way, don’t we!?

      Hey – thanks for following along with me!

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