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“It Was the Love,” He Said….


“It Was The Love”

I just heard a man’s testimony on the radio this morning that struck a chord with me.  He said that he grew up Muslim.  However, through a lot of adverse things in his life, he became an Atheist.
At one point a couple of years ago, he decided he was tired of all of the anger and hatred that you hear in today’s music.  So he started searching for ‘clean music’ that his kids could listen to.  He stumbled across the Christian radio station K-Love.
Fast-forward to now and he is a Christian.  They asked him what was it that finally did it for him.  His answer?  LOVE!
He said that it touched him that there wasn’t all of the fighting and arguing being spewed.  It was the love that everyone talked and sang about.  He initially thought it had to be phony…but with time he realized it was real. And, he studied the bible and discovered that Jesus showed love to everyone regardless of who they were or what they had done.  He realized it was real.
For me, that brought to mind something else.  I have had friends and met people who are excited about sharing the Word.  So much so that you almost can’t carry on a normal conversation because they are busy quoting scripture to you in response to everything.  Half the time what they quote doesn’t even apply (or at least the person they are talking to can’t see the connection).
I’ve even attended a church in the past that is full of very loving people who desire to do God’s work.  However, if you are new or a visitor and happen to have a version of the bible that differs from the King James – then they hound you about it.  They try to ‘kindly’ give you the ‘right’ one.  They have been known to corner you and tell you how wrong you are because you grew up in a different church.
None of that wins the lost, people.  As a matter of fact – it turns them off and sends them running.  Which honestly, I don’t blame them!
I think that in our effortts to ‘win souls’ – we forget the most important thing:  show God’s love.  It’s not supposed to be the human effort anyhow.  All we are to do is let His love show through us.  The rest is between God and that other person.  It’s God’s love shining through us that attracts the lost.  They want what we have – just like that man mentioned earlier.
Jesus did not run after people and judge them.  He didn’t make them feel guilty.  He simply loved them where they were.
So I believe we should stop preaching at people.  Stop arguing your point.  Stop trying to show them how wrong they are and how right you are.  Stop quoting words that don’t mean much to the non-Christian.  Just love them.  Let God’s love shine through you in how you live your life.  Not through your efforts/works – but by being open to God’s will.

Catch Up Time and In the News


I have posted about the detox I was trying.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how it didn’t work for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m pretty sure it would have worked – but for whatever reason it did not do well with my Fibromyalgia.  And though I was told that it was just a phase that my body was going through and it would pass – unfortunately I could not ride that wave out.

It triggered something that kicked my pain into gear and I have yet to get it under control.  This has now been going on since May of this year.  I have been in more pain than ever before.  My Fibro Fog is back more than before.  And for the most part it seems to be getting worse. I feel miserable.

But I have to tell you – I am hard headed and I don’t give up easily!  So, I am determined to find a solution that works for me.  

I stumbled across something on television and then started reading up on it on the internet that intrigues me.  Hormone imbalance.  So, I’m thinking I might check this out a bit more.  I’ve acquired some supplements that supposedly helps to regulate certain things and we will see how it goes.  

Though I’ve gained my weight back that I had lost through all of this – I am hopeful that if nothing else, this will at least help me to feel a little  better.


Have you heard of this ridiculous game called “Knockout”?  Can you believe that our youth are finding this entertaining and funny!?  We have raised a generation of unfeeling, uncaring individuals.  They are cruel and mean.  Here is a link if you would like an up close and personal view of what this entails.  I want to say more – but words escape me.

And here is a link to an article and video that shows just how dumb we’ve become – can’t see the forest for the trees kind of thing.  Whether you agree or disagree with what the father of these children says — you have to admit that arresting this man for obstruction is stupid. 

Can you believe that typhoon in the Philippines recently!?  Scary, scary deal.  My uncle’s wife has family there – it was a long and torturous wait to see if they made it out alive.  Thank God they did – but they have no place to live now.  And help was slow reaching them.  I don’t believe people realize just how dangerous life is after such an event.  There are gangs of people stealing and raping and doing whatever they want.  And no one to protect the innocent.  Can you imagine the horror that the children have seen?  How does one ever get over it?  How does it not haunt your dreams forever?  Please pray for these poor people as recovery will take years I’m sure.


And finally, I watched a movie recently while taking care of my son (he had bronchitis) that really touched my heart.  Where I was when ‘The Letter Writer‘ came out, I have no idea.  But this movie is quite inspiring.  If you haven’t seen it – do so – you will be glad that you did!

Okay – enough for now – I just wanted to touch base.  I’ve wanted to blog more – but my Fibro Fog has me at a loss for words.  But don’t give up on me – cause I’m not!  I will be back 😀

Did You Know That Bullying Is Funny?!


At least that is what our young people are being taught.  Did you know?  Yes, bullying is a huge topic and there are many efforts to put it out there in the public eye that bullying is wrong.  BUT – have you checked out television lately?

Please understand I am not one to get on that bandwagon to say that television shows or music or video games will make our kids go out and do violent things.  I do have opinions about all of that – but it is not the purpose of this post – so bear with me.

Just recently we all saw on the news where the motorcyclists harassed that little family in their SUV and then proceeded to seriously beat up the driver.  My heart hurt to see how quickly something so minor escalated to the point that a man is beat in front of his child and is most likely going to be paralyzed for life – if he survives, that is.  And can you imagine the impact of watching something like that for a small child?  Ugh….it makes me sad….and angry…..and nauseous.

While thinking about how such a thing happens, my mind then wanders to bullying in general.  Then it hits me.  How can we expect people to act any different when we put it in their face that it is funny to be ugly acting? 

I have a soon-to-be 8-year-old son at home and I try to monitor what he sees on television.  I have to admit that I was not raised that way – we simply watched what we wanted.  Of course back then, you didn’t see much that was inappropriate.  These days I feel you need to keep an eye and an ear towards the television if your child is watching.

In the past week, here are some of my observations about the shows in general:  

·         You see harsh critiquing of other people’s attire or overall appearance – on live television – not a kind piece of advice, but outright ugly and embarrassing comments while the person is standing there in front of thousands of people

·         On multiple afternoon kids’ shows you see young people being extremely sarcastic and rude to others – and the producers then plug in laughter soundtracks – so it comes across as funny

·         Again on multiple kids’ shows you can see youth being outright disrespectful and often mean to adults – again with the laughter plugged in to make it funny

·         You see slamming doors in others’ faces – laughter soundtrack included

·         You will see hitting or throwing things at others – with laughter plugged into the soundtrack

·         The practical jokes that you see people playing on each other on the kids’ shows are not harmless – in reality they would be very hurtful, sometimes potentially dangerous – but, let’s plug in the laughter track to make it innocent fun

·         Seldom will you see repercussions for such actions

·         You can often see the kids lying and being deceitful to others – and again there is always laughter

·         You see people destroying the property of other people – and it comes across as funny or justified

·         On one very popular show – you can see someone in a teacher/coach role who is always undermining others – and you see her saying very, very mean and ugly things to them – and you never see anything that teaches that this is improper behavior – just more laugh tracks

·         When is the last time you’ve seen a show for the younger crowd that doesn’t contain a lot of yelling? (Followed by laughter track)

·         And yes, there are all of the sex and offensive language on there too

Are you starting to see the picture?  If society is bombarded with this type of behavior why wouldn’t they act in similar fashion?  Yes, I believe we are to teach our children right from wrong – but let’s face it folks, when things are put out there in front of you constantly – you become numb to the impact of it.

Back in the day – they didn’t allow kissing on television….or blood….or cursing.  Then that changed and it was allowed – who gives it a second thought now?  Are you shocked to see someone kiss?  I doubt it.  Are you shocked to hear a cuss word these days?  Maybe, maybe not depends on your age or maybe the word.

I believe we are losing empathy these days.  It makes my heart hurt.  I feel sadness for the true fun and innocence that my child will not experience in the ways that we did years ago. 

Don’t get me wrong – I am an advocate for the technology that we have these days.  I enjoy some of the advancements that we have made and we owe much of it to our younger folks.  So I’m not one of those to say that the world is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket as the saying used to go.  But I do wish that we might back up just a tad on some of the things that we are flooding our eyes and ears with and simply enjoy a little peace and love towards others a little more.

What do you think?


Attitudes – The Good, Bad and Ugly



I’m frustrated with society – or is it just my life? I know that I get a bit grumpy when I’m tired.  Or when I’m hurting (Fibro-pain)…..and I have definitely been hurting this week.  It’s been pretty bad, actually.  And forgive me if something isn’t spelled correctly or my words get jumbled – that happens a lot with the Fibro-fog. 

But I don’t think that the above-mentioned symptoms are the reason for my frustration of late.  And I find myself extremely tired.  No – not lack-of-sleep tired…..but rather tired of all of the complaining and nit-picking that people want to do.  Yes, I know that many times it is as simple as removing oneself from a situation so as not to participate in all of the negativity…..but sometimes that is just not feasible.

All I know is that I am so very, very tired of everyone complaining.  If you have followed my blog much – you know about my Fibromyalgia.  Yes, I have it and yes, I am in pain – often.  But I don’t go around whining and complaining to people about it all of the time.  I mention it as it is part of who I am now.  I deal with it and continue on in my life the best way I can.  Sometimes I have to make adjustments to my plans or miss work due to it – I hate that…..but it is what I do in order to continue on in life.  It is what it is. 

Someone told me one time that they were amazed with everything I have been through in my life that I was not be a bitter person.  And I remember my mother saying that she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t angry at my ex-husband (she was – very much so).  I said to them and still tell people that I figure I have a choice here.  I can choose to do the best with what I have and try to live a life of quality or I can wallow in self-pity about what I don’t have and be miserable.  To me I don’t see a good reason to waste all of my energy hating and being angry or bitter about things I cannot control.

And sometimes, people – even if it could be changed, you have to look at whether it really is worth all of your time and energy.  Is using up your resources really worth it in the long run?  Will you be adding to your quality of life or taking away from it?  Will your kids/loved ones be robbed of your time because you are so focused on the bad stuff?  What about your health?  If you stress over things long enough you develop serious health issues (I know this first-hand).

Let’s take a look at this Boston couple in the news right now who are fighting to have the Pledge of Allegiance taken out of the schools because it mentions God.  They are claiming that they do not believe in God.  And therefore if they say the Pledge – they are stating something they do not believe and if they choose not to say the Pledge then they ‘come across as’ not being patriotic.  Regardless of where one stands on this debate I guess I don’t see why people can’t simply use their heads a little.

If the majority of people do want to say the Pledge and they do believe in God or at least it doesn’t bother them – then I wonder why one would think it is reasonable to waste their time, the court’s time, not to mention money to have something like this addressed?  If it were me, I would say the line in the Pledge as follows: “And to the republic, for which it stands”, (pause – while everyone else says ‘one nation under God’), “indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” You get the picture?  I guarantee you that no one is going to notice that you took a breath or paused or whatever during that one little clause.  Done.  No anger, no fighting, no wasting resources on anyone’s part.  Move on.

It seems like people are getting some sort of adrenaline rush by jumping on the bandwagon to accuse others of the tiniest things anymore.  And I wonder why.  It’s exhausting and honestly disheartening to me.  Has it always been this way, I wonder?  Maybe as young kids we just didn’t notice it? Or maybe we didn’t see things that way until others bring it to our attention….

I remember observing this with my own daughter when she was young.  She met her best friend in preschool.  And he is of a different race than she. But she didn’t know that – all she knew was that he was her best friend (and at 21 years of age now, they are still very close friends).  It wasn’t until they had a teacher in the 1st grade that treated him differently that she asked me why.

And it doesn’t have to be a media issue either (though they certainly create a lot of it).  How about the workplace? I’m SO very tired of people gossiping and stabbing each other in the back.  Yes, there is always going to be that one person – that one person that you simply cannot like no matter what.  But that’s okay – it is not part of your job description to like everyone.  You were hired to do a specific job – and most likely that means dealing with a variety of people.  So do it.  It really is possible to be cordial to people that you don’t really care for, trust me.

I have even lost one of my best friends because I chose not to participate in her constant negativity and coworker bashing.  If she complained or said something ugly, I would either try to change the subject or state that maybe the situation wasn’t as it appeared.  It ticked her off.  The final straw was when I was invited to church by a coworker that she despised.  I accepted the invitation and was later told by my best friend that she simply could not ever ‘forgive me’ for betraying her.  That ended a 12+ year friendship.

If you read any article these days – with the lovely ability to leave comments and most likely you will find some of the meanest, cruelest, ugliest comments.  Many times it doesn’t even fit what the story was about.  Example:  I wanted to check out the story behind Google’s Doodle for the day. But rather than people finding the story interesting – they all jump on the bandwagon of criticizing one typo in the article.  It’s one thing to critique and another to simply be ugly.  So…making someone feel inferior gives people a rush, I guess?  And we wonder why there are so many hate-crimes these days.

It’s like we can’t get away from it!  It is everywhere……and this is why my family and I often joke around about heading for the hills…..to get away from all of the chaos.  But I would challenge people to take a long hard look at their attitudes and the part they are playing in the big picture – because how can we expect our young people to be kind and to love one another when we are constantly bombarded with the opposite?  When there are very few places to go to escape the ugliness it eventually rubs off on you. 

Okay – so I can’t end this post without circling back around to say that though I am frustrated with society as a whole – I still have my eyes on my Savior and He allows me to see the good in people.  And yes, there are a lot of good folks out there.  And though it seems that the positive is being covered up by the negative, His light will always shine.  He protects.  And He blesses.  All we have to do is claim Him as our own and invite Him into our lives.

Thanks for stopping by……Kelly.

Gratitude List (in no particular order):

1.       I have a job – it pays the bills

2.       My beautiful daughter & son-in-law

3.       My super-awesome son

4.       My Dad – who is always there no matter what

5.       My Brother & his family – live so far away, but always near in my heart

6.       God’s grace

7.       Breathtaking sunrises

8.       Nourishing rain

9.       New Bible Study Group

10.   My home – provides shelter that we need




Random Monday….Here are just some very random thoughts for today – mainly because I am in the mood to post something – but have no real topic to discuss at the moment.  Bear with me please…

I often find myself concerned that our society simply has no common sense anymore.  It seems no one uses their head and I wonder what has happened.  Examples:

I was headed to work this morning – rush hour traffic on the interstate headed into downtown.  I’m sure you can imagine the hectic routine.  So we start seeing the construction warning signs way in advance telling us that the left lane is closed ahead.  When that happens people start getting a bit more cautious, you see more brake lights as drivers get a bit jumpy in anticipation – and yet, until it is actually visible – people still continue to drive in all 3 lanes.

However, this morning apparently some lady’s car dies in the middle lane (before the actual construction work is visible).  So cars are now getting backed up behind her (she has NO hazard lights on).  People who are already skittish about the upcoming construction work are slamming their brakes at every little thing as it is.  I notice about 6 vehicles stopped behind her and one person swerves suddenly to miss smashing into the last one.  He/she barely makes it into the left lane without taking out the vehicle there. It was heart-stopping.

But this is the aggravating part of it – as I get around that congestion – I look back in my rear-view mirror and see that lady in the stalled vehicle waving her arms and evidently trying to tell the person behind her to go around her.  She is acting like he/she behind her is and imbecile for not going around.  Seriously?  First of all – if it weren’t for the line backing up behind her – she very well could be dead as I’m sure someone would hit her since she had no hazard lights on.  And second, as cars are flying by you on both your left and your right – it is a bit difficult for someone to simply pull out around you and not get hit.  I sure hope everyone made it out of that mess okay.

Okay – I may have mentioned this one before, I can’t recall.  But there is a local gas war going on in our town – and it’s getting a bit exciting, actually.  But that is not my point.  Needless to say, the place that has been running the lowest gas prices has lines of vehicles waiting to fill up.  On our way out of town for our vacation last month, we stopped there.  As we were waiting in line, I decide that I will go inside and get a bottle of water.

While inside I hear the two employees commenting on how they are so sick of people being upset at them and that it is not their fault that the credit card machine is not working.  So when I get up there, I tell them that I overheard and was wondering – does that mean the gas pumps too?  I ask this because I had noticed people at the pumps appearing to be frustrated while waiting for their cards to work.  They said ‘Yes – and it is not just here, but all Valero stations/stores.’

I then go outside and tell all the people standing at the pumps getting madder by the minute.  But really, people, what do you think would save the employees all of the hassle and disgruntled customer reactions?  How about putting signs up on the pumps stating that the card machines are not working!?

Third – I am not a donut person, but as a treat every now and then I sometimes take my son to the local Donut Stop to get him a couple to take with him for snack.  This place has two windows on the same side of the building.  However there is no rhyme or reason to their method of taking your order.  Some days you stop at the first window and someone will take your order, take your money and give your order thru that same window.  Some days you stop there at the first window and they will either run over to that one and ask you to move to the second window or they may wave their hand out the second window to get you to pull up there.  Other days they do like the typical fast food drive through in taking your order at the first and then asking you to pick up at the second.

It just seems to me like it would make life simpler on themselves and their customers if they would decide on one method.  And there is this little thing called a sign that could tell you to go to the second window if they were not going to be at the first window.

Fourth – when my daughter was younger, I was constantly trying to get her to understand that she needed to ‘think ahead’ about the consequences of her actions or ‘plan’ for what was going to be next when doing something.  For example, in the morning when you are finished getting your clothes on, you should also put your shoes on so you are ready to walk out the door (alleviates everyone standing with their arms full waiting for you to get them on).

I honestly do not remember what the specific thing was that my daughter was doing now – but I do remember her words.  One day while I was in the kitchen she came in and announced that she did it.  ‘Did what?’ was my reply.  ‘I finally did what you have been telling me!  I thought ahead and was able to avoid (whatever crisis it was at the time)!’  I didn’t really know what to say for a moment – but that didn’t matter, she was excited because now she knew what I meant.

I was amazed and struck at how somewhere along the line through the generations we as a society have lost something.  I say this because I don’t recall my parents ever ‘teaching’ me to think things through or to look beyond the end of my own nose.  It is just what you did.  It is kind of like drinking cleaning supplies or poisons under the sink.  My parents didn’t lock everything up in the cabinets and I never knew anyone who did.  But now we do because for some unknown reason kids think they need to drink or eat stuff like that.

Could it be that we are living in such a fast-paced world that we have no time to think anymore?  Is it because there are more and more families must rely on 2-parent incomes and so our children are carted off to be cared for by others?  Could be that back in the day, kids learned from the elderly in the family and chores were assigned and consequences were doled out?  Just wondering….

I don’t know….


ImageI have been suffering from a really bad bout of Fibromyalgia and the Fibro Fog that comes with that lately.  As a result – I want to blog but can’t think clearly enough to figure out what to say or how to say it.  I have decided to attempt it with some random topics but be warned – this may or may not make any sense!

 rd a message this morning about renewing the mind and how we must continually ‘feed’ it in order to win the battle over the sinful nature of our flesh.   One renews the mind by God’s word.  And it hit me that this is where I always struggle the most.  I know this is the reason why I never seem to grow – or grow as much as I desire.  My problem?  Besides the Fibro Fog – which hinders my thinking and concentrating on much of anything – I struggle with reading the bible in general.

Yes, I’ve read it.  Yes, I followed all of the advice from many.  But I admit I do not read it daily.  It has never been satisfying or educational to me.  Maybe because of all of the negativity and ‘don’t do this’ and ‘don’t do that’ in which I was raised – I find the words of the bible to be harsh and cold many times – more criticizing than helping.  When I hear teachings of the bible and it is ‘interpreted’ or I read a devotional piece – I am then able to perceive it in a different light.  But why can’t I do that myself?

I have asked several church leaders over the years.  They never have any helpful advice other than ‘start in the New Testament’ or ‘start with the gospels/Psalms/Proverbs’.  Which, as I’ve stated – I’ve done all of that.  It’s frustrating to me – as I am an avid reader.  I love reading (though I don’t do it as much with the Fibro).  For now – when I go to church or hear a message that particularly moves me – I make note of the scriptures discussed. Then I go back when I’m at home and re-read and study the context in which the scripture(s) are written. 

I don’t know – am I so weird that no one has ever experienced this too?  *sigh* – Someday, Father, someday.

Okay – enough of my whining.  Moving on now…..

So, this weekend was my 30-year class reunion.  That’s depressing – we can’t possibly be that old!  Age is a state of mind – right?  It looks like everyone had a good time.  I didn’t go.  I was too worn out from my vacation and then playing catch up at work.  I have come to learn what my limits are in activity and then how much time it will take for the Fibro to kick in, etc.  So I knew that I would not be able to attend since it fell shortly after my very active vacation.

It’s kind of weird for me though – I never really ‘hung out’ with most of the kids in my own class.  I typically hung out with an older group, and I have a lack of memory (Fibro Fog) –  so the reunion didn’t mean as much to me.  Or maybe it’s Facebook.  It has allowed me to re-connect and see how everyone is doing and that is good enough for me – at least for now.

Random rant….

Let me preface this with I am not one to get on the political bandwagon.  I am not one to jump on the debate team either.  But this T Martin/G Zimmerman issue really bugs me.  I don’t know who did what first or much about the incident – I tend to tune the ‘big’ stories out when the media keeps on and on and on.  But I’ve picked up enough to know how the trial ended – and the firestorm that is now brewing.

I guess the thing that bugs me about this and other similar cases in our history is why everyone immediately has to jump on the racial issue.  Maybe it’s the part of the country that I live in – but I don’t see the discrimination as prevalent as the media makes out.  Yes, it still exists – but it comes from all races – don’t you think?  It seems to me that it has become a crutch or excuse for people to either get special treatment or throw tantrums (called protests or rallies).  And really – does it make any sense whatsoever to destroy the very place that one lives in ‘protest’ (as we have seen play out on national television)?  Why aren’t ‘other’ races having rallies every time someone walks after a crime against one of ‘their own’?  Look at all of the sex offenders/molesters who get a slap on the hand after literally destroying the innocence of a child – some of them are of a ‘different race’ than the victim – so where are the protests and anger there!?

I could go on about this – but like I said, I don’t care to re-hash the same old story that we have all been reading and hearing daily.  But I just want to say one more thing:  I cannot imagine how Zimmerman could get off completely – but I wasn’t on the jury.  That being said – why is it that we adhere to our justice system only when we want to these days, Mr. President? 

Random thought…..

I lost my mom almost 5 years ago.  I loved her.  We were close friends.  But I never cried for her when she passed.  I teared up a bit at the service – but that was mainly due to my daughter and dad crying.  I can’t handle it when my loved ones cry.  People would tell me that ‘it will come’ – just wait. 

So far that still has not happened.  It used to really bug me.  I wondered why there is a part of me that won’t allow it.  In the big picture of things – I believe it goes along with why I don’t have close friends and why I don’t crumble during crisis.  It’s part of a protection mechanism in me.  I don’t allow myself to ‘feel’ too much in certain areas – so I won’t be hurt too much or fall completely apart.  Or at least that’s what I think it is at any rate.  That’s a whole other story that I’ve touched on in other posts – so I won’t go into here.

But to get back to my mom – I do miss her greatly.  Sad thing is – I was missing her before she passed away.  Her quality of life in the end was non-existent.  She suffered greatly for a very long time – again, another story.  Lately though, I find myself thinking of her more often.  And my heart is a bit saddened at times because I wish she were here to see or hear things that I know she would have appreciated.

In spite of my own struggle with the bible study – I have learned or heard certain teachings that I sure wish Mom could have heard.  I know that it would have eased her mind about a few things.  And it would have explained certain things that I recall her wondering about.  And my church – she would have really enjoyed it, I believe.

I have also seen pictures or things lately that make me think of her and how she would have like it.  The other day I saw some yard ornaments of some funny frogs – Mom loved frogs – and I thought of her.  Just this morning I saw the most beautiful full moon through my neighbor’s trees – it was an awesome sight!  I remember her saying she loved God’s beauty in the world and hoped she was around to see much more of it – that was many, many years ago.  And I guess she did get to see a lot in her time!

My 7-year old son thinks about her a lot too.  And that is interesting if you consider his age when she passed away.  It seems like he wouldn’t have much of a memory of her really.  And honestly, I’m not sure that he does have real memories – but from what he does know and hear about her – it’s enough for him.  He likes that she is in heaven and that she feels better.  He wants to see her though – he mentions that a lot.  He says he can hardly wait to get to heaven to see her feeling better.  And he knows how much she loved animals so he is positive that she is ‘taking good care’ of the two dogs we had to put down a couple of years ago.  He is excited about heaven.  And about God.  He has lots of questions for God when he gets there – so He best be ready! LOL

Random thought…..

I need to find a way to make a living from home.  My Fibro pain makes it more and more difficult to keep a regular schedule.  Fibro Fog makes it difficult to think clearly.  I have a very strong desire to teach/train….about something – not sure how that would work though.  I want to create…..something – but can’t decide on what. Ugh!

Random thought…..

Okay – never mind.  Fibro Fog is screwing with my thought process – so I will end the blogging for now.  I hope you weren’t too confused with my ramblings and that you will choose to stick around.  Things will get better – they always do!

Have a great week J

Learning & Leaning Every Day

After my rambling in my last post about how saddened and discouraged I sometimes get – I thought I would now counter that with some more positive and encouraging words!

Life is like a rollercoaster with highs and lows. The main thing to remember is to hang on in the low times in order to get through them and into the high times – right? At least that is my view. I’ve really been that way all my life – even with my natural tendency to find the negatives in life, I don’t allow those down times to keep me down. For me it’s just a matter of dealing the best I can and waiting for the next wave.

While I was feeling down about the thoughts rumbling around in my head when I wrote the other post – a part of me kept saying ‘no, I am not going to remain in this place’. I will release the pressure that was building for so long inside by writing it down, but I refuse to allow myself to remain down on life and society, etc. First of all, what’s the point? Does my attitude make a difference in how this world will rotate? Nope. It only makes a difference in MY life and how I choose to live it.

I believe that God waits for me to wallow around and get a little dirty and messy for a bit – until I run full circle right back to Him. It is then that He starts to reveal things to me. I know that I have this constant and unnecessary little battle in most things I do – because I am such a strong-willed person maybe? But it seems that most times it is like this – I am battling and fighting for survival and then I finally slow down, calm down and turn my thoughts and focus back on God.

If it were a cartoon – you would see me running around chasing my own tail or like a chicken with its head cut off (as the saying used to go). And you would see God sitting there silently watching and waiting for me to run out of steam. Then he would gently pick me up off the ground and comfort me without a single word -without any criticism what-so-ever but simply with love and kindness and unbelievable patience. Once I catch my breath and settle in to pay attention, He will then show me whatever it is that I need to know. And of course I then see that had I started with my focus on Him, I would have saved myself a lot of energy and bruises.

Right after I wrote that last post – I met with someone asking for some insight about a very difficult situation she was in. That gently reminded me of how many people still come to me for support or advice or whatever insight I might be able to give them. And then just yesterday, my superior mentioned that I had stated something several months ago about praying for someone that I had difficulties with –and that she was trying to do the same now. I realized that a simple statement I had said had made an impact – when I didn’t even realize it.

Also another coworker made a statement that I was quite an example of a true Christian – and that I walked the walk. Wow. I was taken aback. You see I don’t think in terms like that really. I don’t think to myself that I must act and talk a certain way necessarily – I simply desire to treat others in a compassionate way and to always be fair and honest. The way I want to be treated.

There was God’s gentle voice in my ear –reminding me to not let the negatives of this world take me down. Not to allow myself to wallow too long because people around me were watching. People were learning from me. They were taking to heart things that I barely gave a second thought to honestly.

Okay – so I’m getting back up, folks. My fibro pain is in full throttle this week and I’m so incredibly tired I can barely function. BUT – I will not allow it to get in my way. I will not allow it to cloud my thinking and feeling down on life in general. After all – this life is a gift from my God! I will cherish it and take care of it to the best of my ability.

More importantly though, I will strive to always keep Him in the driver’s seat and simply enjoy the ride!

I hope all who reads this will have a wonderfully blessed and fabulous weekend (today is Friday as I write this). And maybe take a minute to slow down, quiet down and listen to that loving Voice. See and hear what you might need to learn.

Take care!  Red River