This Journey Is Bumpy….

I’ve neglected this blog – I know.  I think it is two-fold.  Life got hectic and I kinda forgot about it.  And, life got hectic (repeat intended).  But I’m back and ready to move on.

First of all, I’ve been working through the pain.  And the anger.  And everything else that goes along with being betrayed by the one you love.  The one you thought you would spend your life with.  The one you trusted to always be there.

During this process – and from the very beginning when he walked out on us, actually – we have not told many people about it.  At first I thought we were in agreement as to the reasons why – but I can now say that we had totally different reasons for  this arrangement.  I was trying to remain ‘professional’ because we work at the same place – and expected to be leaders in the organization.  And of course, I am always concerned for the ripple-effect to the kids.  Even our young son…eventually he will see and hear things.

But, it seems his motives were not the same.  I say this because he couldn’t control himself – acting like a child – he had to post things on a social networking site that many of our friends, family and coworkers also use. These things? His girlfriend started connecting to my friends and posting pics of each other separately and together….and they both declared their love for each other and the countdown until their next encounter (remember, she doesn’t live in this country).

All I know to do is make sure that I keep my emotions in check and pray, pray, pray.  Our divorce will be final by mid-summer and he will be moving on in his relationship with her.  I have no intentions of getting into that again, thank you very much.  I will focus on my relationship with God – whom I am starting to see I should have depended on MUCH more than I have throughout my life!  You see…..for as strong as I’ve always considered myself…..and as much as I have always ‘believed’ in God…..I am starting to figure out that I tend to depend on the men in my life to make me happy and to feel secure instead of God first.

So, here we go on this ‘self-discovery’ journey.  And this journey where God is having to thump me on the head a time or two in order for me to wake up! LOL

Besides the marriage/divorce drama there really are other things going on in my life these days.  My daughter is ‘officially’ engaged.  Am I happy about this? Um……not exactly.  Don’t get me wrong, her beau is a great young man and I couldn’t ask for a better one to be dating my daughter.  BUT – I wish they would wait a little longer.  Granted, they don’t plan to marry for 2 more years – which is good, for sure…..but I wish they would wait even longer. But that’s a mom for ya – right!? 😀

So far, they have the location picked out, the dress is being paid for, the engagement ring has been purchased and presented, the colors and the hairstyle has already been selected.  Um….does anyone other than me see this thing happening BEFORE the 2 year mark?????  Ahhhhhh……………young love!  Dear Father, please bless these two young people as they journey together in life.  May their relationship be a lasting and loving one!

We had a recent scare with my dad.  He is in his early 70’s and tend to try to self-doctor/medicate himself.  Unfortunately he waited a little too long before seeking professional medical care for a spot on his ear.  It was diagnosed as a type of skin cancer that if left unattended long enough can get into the lymph system.  So we waited for the test results and prayed.  Thankfully, it had not gotten that bad.  However, they had to do Mohs’ surgery on it and remove about a third of his ear.

Work is pretty much the same.  There are always those who have no other pleasure in their lives other than to see how miserable they can try to make others.  Or how they can destroy a coworkers livelihood.  I am always puzzled by these type of folks.  I simply can’t imagine doing that to another human being – no matter how much I may dislike them.  And why in the world would you want to spend your entire day being ugly and hateful and mean?

A classmate of mine passed away recently.  It definitely makes you take a closer look at your life.  At your relationships.  Evidently it has had that effect on my other classmates.  We are all connecting on a social network and keeping each other up to date on our lives.  It’s been nice.  Also makes you feel kind of…..old.  I definitely don’t care to go back to my high school years….but my mid to late twenties would be okay! LOL

Okay….so now you are up to speed and I am current on this blog.  Stay tuned for more to come…..I promise to add more interesting articles and maybe a few write ups from my friends!  See ya…..

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