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Attitudes – The Good, Bad and Ugly

  I’m frustrated with society – or is it just my life? I know that I get a bit grumpy when I’m tired.  Or when I’m hurting (Fibro-pain)…..and I have definitely been hurting this week.  It’s been pretty bad, actually.  And forgive me if something isn’t spelled correctly or my words get jumbled – that happens a lot with the

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Fire Prompts Evacuations Near My Home…Again!

Fire Fire prompts evacuations in Tangle Aire. These pics show you a little of what folks are going through.  It’s difficult to put into words what you feel when you see it up close.  When you see that it is heading towards your friends’ homes….or your own…..or your parents’ (as in my case). It’s heart-wrenching.  It’s emotionally draining.  It’s scary. 

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