Childish Government Antics

So our government has shut down.  I typically don’t get too involved or pay much attention to all of the b.s. that goes on in our political world anymore.  It doesn’t really matter which group it is – it has become nothing more than who can bully the best and stomp their feet the most.  It seems to me that everyone has forgotten what the real purpose of our government is supposed to be.  People are so geared toward attacking what they deem to be the ‘other side’ that it really doesn’t matter what the issue is – they are simply set to argue.

I find it interesting (and sad, actually) that we the people continue to pay these people enormous amounts of money to do nothing more than act like little kindergartners.  And – sadly we allow them to rule the playground with their bullying and their tantrums.  I wonder when we the people will say enough is enough.

If you ask me – I think we should boot them all out and start over.  And I don’t believe they should be paid any more than what they vote in that the average person in America will get paid.  Make them actually work for a change. And, when you quit that job – you don’t get paid anymore – just like the rest of us.

I’m sorry, people – but come on!   Let’s get real – if we had people in office that were just like you and I and the reason they were there wasn’t because of the power or the money – but simply because they cared – don’t you think we would be in better shape?  I know that every now and then we get someone that we vote in that we feel will make that difference….but reality proves that one or two can’t make a big enough wave to knock the other greedy ones out.  So let’s clean it all out and start fresh.

It is very similar to our justice system these days.  I don’t believe that people get a fair shake in this area anymore either.  Again, it’s a matter of whose lawyer can’t be the biggest bully or at least the most creative.  The juries no longer hear all of the evidence – but only that which the lawyers couldn’t find a creative way to have it blocked out.  Honestly – since when has it been deemed that one can make good and fair judgments and decisions without all of the information?

And why-oh-why do we have so many ‘rights’ for the accused to the point that the victim is again victimized by our own legal system?  The way I see it – if you do the crime, you do the time….and it shouldn’t be a walk in the park.

Okay – so I got off track here a bit.  But what I am getting at is that we have gone too far with all of these silly, childish antics from our government.  Have you heard of some of the ‘government shut-downs’ of late?  Tell me it’s not intentional when they cause privately owned businesses to shut down because the road or the parking lot leading the business is run by the government.  They actually hired people to give out traffic tickets to people who stop on the side of the road to look at Mount Rushmore (since the park is closed)?  The Vietnam War Memorial is privately funded – but again, they have hired guards (where there were none before) – just so they can be jerks about it knowing that we have Freedom Flights from all over this country scheduled to arrive.  Huh?

All I can say is you have got to be an uncaring, silly individual to think that anyone in government is doing the right thing right now.  It doesn’t matter which ‘side’ you are on, people – this boils down to common sense and decency….and apparently we have none.  How embarrassing… I wonder what the other countries think of us now?

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