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This past year has been a tough one.  It’s been a long one in a lot of ways too.  But as 2018 comes to a close and we just finished our Christmas holiday together, I’m feeling pretty emotional.  You know me – I get weepy when I try to express my feelings – so here goes in writing.

You and I have been through a lot over the years.  It has been me-n-you since you were barely a year old.  Look at you now – a 26 year old, a grown-up, an adult, a mother of two, a wife!

I am honored to call you my daughter, my best friend, my confidante.  And I thank God for you daily!  I’ve watched you take on the world and be pretty darned successful at whatever you put your mind to.

You are a person to be admired.  For your strength. For your inner power. Your beauty. Your kindness.  That giant heart of yours.  As your kindergarten teacher told me when you were just 5 years old – You are destined to be a leader if you were guided in the right direction.

Though I definitely made a lot of mistakes raising you (as all parents do) – I believe that God helped me to help you and hopefully kept you pretty much on the right path.  I do not take credit except to say that I allowed God to use me as a means to get you where He wanted you to be.

I see you now in your adulthood – often times doubting yourself. Lacking the self-confidence you used to portray to others and battling with depression/anxiety issues.  It breaks my heart.  Because I know you are still that vibrant, funny, smart and strong young woman you’ve always been.  Trust me – its still there….you only need to dig a little deeper to find it.

One only needs to witness your life (as I have) or hear your testimony to know that you’ve ‘still got it.’  You ARE that leader the teacher spoke of way back then – even if you don’t see it.

When we are tired and beaten down in life – that is when Satan goes to work on us.  And I believe that is when he gets to you. But you only need to look around to see that YOU ARE OKAY and YOU ARE WORTHY and YOU ARE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY.

You have a fabulous husband. One that most women can only dream of having. He is your perfect match – the one who God prepared for you!  You two fit.

Your children. When you doubt yourself – look at them.  They are happy children.  That doesn’t happen by accident, you know.  YOU are playing a huge role.  YOU are helping to form their little personalities. YOU are teaching them to lean on God. YOU bring them laughter and fun!

Of course there are days when everyone is disobedient or crying or whatever… But you can’t let that be the measuring tool for how you are doing and your value.  Look at the bigger picture and you will see what I see.  What others see. You are doing a great job!

I pray that you continue to grow in God’s will and allow Him to help you as only He can do.  And I sure look forward to spending more time together soon.

In addition, as a side note, I wish we lived closer together.  God willing, maybe someday that will change. But until then, I will value and treasure each visit we get and continue to be in awe of you and how you raise your children, how your marriage works, how it includes God and how inspiring you are to others.

Keep doing what you are doing, my daughter – because I believe you are on the right path!

Love, Mom.



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