Work Ethic…..Ever Heard of It?

I’m beginning to think that ‘work ethic‘ – as people my age know it no longer exists.  This also means that I believe I am now in the wrong field of work.

You see, as a Human Resources Director – I get to deal with a lot of people and everything that entails.  I’ve always been really good at it and whether I had that title or not, people have always come to me for help or advice or simply a sounding board.  I LOVED it!  Unfortunately, the workforce has changed.  The mentality has changed……and I’m getting old, I guess.

Now, all they do is whine and complain about everyone else.  No one simply does their job.  Now it’s ‘what makes ME happy’ rather than ‘how can I excel and do my best.’  And management?  Good grief.  Here is a picture of my workplace:  you have the gossips – which are also the whiners/complainers.  They get each other stirred up and constantly complain about everyone else.  They are also the ones who do very little work themselves and it doesn’t bother them in the least.  And – because they know they can, they run to the top dog.  Who in turn, gets on to the people who are actually doing their job (usually over and above what is required)…..he never backs the real workers up.  He never investigates first.

So, the ones doing their job feel like crap.  The babies who whine feel victorious because they get away with it….and at the same time are NEVER accountable for what THEY aren’t doing.  Never mind that it creates LOADS more work and headaches for those of us who DO our jobs.  It is a vicious cycle and many of us are getting really sick and tired.

I would like to say…..well, that’s just where I work.  So, I can just go find another place to work.  But, some people have done that.  And it seems that we are not unique in this situation.  Plus,  for some of us (like myself) – it is extremely difficult to find a job that will pay as well as what I am currently making.  So, I’m kinda stuck (remember, I’m a new single mom).

My resolution has been to remove myself from as much of the drama as possible.  But being the HR person…makes this somewhat difficult.

What to do, what to do…….I’m keeping my eyes open for other opportunities.  Praying for answers.  And waiting to see what happens.

Okay…..I’m finished venting for now 😉

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