In Other Words….Shut Your Mouth!!

I went to Saturday nite services at church tonite.  And although the sermon is part of  multi-part series on marriage and relationships – there is STILL so much to learn!

The one thing that really hit me this evening is how we women have the gift of talk – way more than men.  Okay, so this is nothing new, right?  But what I mean is that we (women) tend to want to correct the situation by talking.  We think we can coerce or convince the other person (namely men) to change or shape up based on our talk.

But the truth is – it will usually back fire on us.  It even tells us in the bible to let GOD do the tending.  We are to simply live our lives in reverence and love for God.  In turn, it will spill over into love and respect for the other person (spouse).  Our ACTIONS will communicate more clearly than our words ever could.

This does not mean that we are a doormat for abuse.  And it doesn’t mean that we are never to speak up to let the person know that our feelings have been hurt, or something is bothering us, etc.  But rather than jumping on them, we speak calmly and with respect and love.  Then let it be.  If it doesn’t change anything – that’s between them and God.  For more info read 1 Peter 3:1-22.

So this sermon really hit home with me (see my previous post here).  I realize that many times, I’ve said more than I should to my hubby.  For instance, I wrote him an email a day or two ago and really let him have it.  I had really tried to be the way I knew God would want me to be in this situation.  And I know it’s not His will that our marriage fail.

I was doing pretty well until the most recent stuff – again mentioned in the previous post.  And, I blew it!  I felt like I needed to ‘voice’ my views and how he hurt me and how he was hurting us as a family.  Shoulda kept my mouth shut, I guess.

So, I am repenting and asking God to forgive my shortcomings.  I am praying that He continue to hold my hand and help me through this.  And I’m asking Him to help me to remember that He is in control.  All I can do is pray.  Pray for my hubby.  My kids.  My marriage.  And that is what I plan to do!

Take care until next time!

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