A Brief Introduction

Hello!  I am a simple person just trying to make it through this life.  And survive what life has to offer or throw in my way.  My blog is titled “Call Me the Clay” – because I believe that God is the potter and I am the clay – and He’s not finished with me yet!

I will start by telling you a little about myself here….but will save most of it for upcoming posts.  The purpose for this blog is to discover what the Lord has planned for my life.  I have loads of life experiences to share in hopes that while I am learning and/or discovering what’s next for me, maybe you can receive a nugget or two of helpful information too.

I’m open to making new friends, and truly appreciate any feedback you might care to leave.  But please know that this is my journey and my posts are NOT here for debate for convincing others whether you believe what I believe or not.

Okay – I am a 40+ year old mother of 2 children.  My daughter is a beautiful, vibrant 18 (*sniff) year old.  My son is a cutie….and a handful!  He’s 4 1/2 years old.  And no, before you ask – he was not a mistake or unexpected.  He was very much planned.  But I will get into that later.

All my life people tend to draw near me for advice.  I don’t know why that is – but they do.  Some call it a gift.  Maybe it is…but sometimes its a real pain!  I have my own garbage and though I never mind listening and offering words of comfort or advice (when asked for it) – it sometimes becomes too much to carry.

I believe that is where I am now.  I have finally burned myself out and am suffering from it in many ways.  Including my health.  I am miserably overweight.  I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I suffer from depression.  I think I have forgotten how to truly enjoy life.

But that’s okay.  This is why I’m here planning to pour myself out on these pages.  I’ve been thru loads of ‘stuff’ and am finally starting to see that I need to deal with some of it.  Face it and then put it away – with God’s help, of course.

The Lord has really been moving in my life the past few months and honestly, it has not been enjoyable.  BUT, I believe that He knows best and evidently I needed to go through it.  He’s not done yet – I get that.  But the light has finally come on for me and I look forward to what comes next!

So, join me in my journey and maybe we can both learn a thing or two!  I look forward to making new friends and welcome everyone!

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