THIS is Going to be MY Year!

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A lot of eye-opening things have been going down around here.  And for the first time in a very long, long time I am thankful for it all.  I appreciate the opportunity to learn and to grow!  For those who have followed my blog for a time now, will know exactly what I’m talking about – for those of you who are new….hang around.

Let’s start with a few news items (don’t worry, I’m not trying to re-hash stuff)….
The tragic Sandy Hook shootings – that struck me, as it did everyone else, straight in the heart.  Shock, pain, disbelief, overwhelming sadness, fear were just a few of the emotions we all went through.  And what happens next?  Arguments about guns, ammo, rights, conspiracies – you name it.  I tend to stay away from all of the ‘politics’ of this country and simply live my life to the best of my ability.  But after this event….it’s difficult to ignore everything that is going on these days.
Then there is the Lance Armstrong issue.  First of all, let me say that for the life of me I cannot figure out why this is such a huge to-do.  Can anyone really be surprised about his ‘confession’?  Really?  With all of the talk for so many years and the multitude of people coming forth – did anyone actually continue to believe in his innocence?   And now the media is picking apart his confession – was it heart-felt enough, did he actually apologize, blah, blah, blah.  Good grief.
Both of these stories lead to what I really wanted to express here – and that is how easily it is to lose focus on what is truly important in life.  We must strive to stay on track, stay grounded and never lose sight of where we are headed.  We cannot allow those distractions and the hurdles to get us off track or to lose hope.
Here is my story of late:
At the beginning of every year, my church has a special 3-day event called ZION.  We come together to celebrate God, learn new things and re-focus.  This year I came away believing that this is going to be my year!  My year for many things…
I believe that I will see victories in areas of my life that I have struggled over for years.  I believe that I will prosper.  Life is going to be good for me because I have connected with my Savior in a way that I never have before!
Will there be struggles and obstacles to overcome?  Yep.  But that is okay – because rather than letting them slow me down – I know that God is going to widen that path to help me journey through with success.
It’s the 20th of January today.  So far I have had victory over some long-term health issues.  I’m not 100% yet – but I just KNOW it’s coming….I can FEEL it in my soul.  Financially, I am better now than I have ever been since I’ve been earning my own money.  Mentally/emotionally – well, lets just say that I am no longer depressed.  I no longer feel lost or lonely.
I have a friend who is constantly dissatisfied with her life.  She always wants something different – something that she believes to be ‘more’.  She is always wanting to move to a place that she believes will change everything in her life.  I find myself thinking – that used to be me.  I used to always be of the mindset of ‘someday’ things will be better.  Or, ‘someday’ I will do such-and-such.  But not anymore.  I now know that it is the here and now for me, thank you!
I recently reconnected with a friend from my home town.  Though we weren’t ever close friends back then – we did run in the same circles for a time.  He and I chatted online for what turned out to be several hours today.  We found we had a lot in common.  Through our discussion, we were able to lift each other up and remind ourselves that what we need to do is let the struggles of our past go, pick ourselves up, dust off and continue on.  We agreed to keep our eyes on God and enthusiastically await for what He has in store for us!
SO – I choose to have a great 2013!  Hope you do the same 🙂

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