Simply Random Thoughts – ‘Cause It’s Been a LONG Week!!

Arnold & Maria…..what a shame.  Truly.  Arnold? Scum.  Ex-Housekeeper/Baby Momma? Disappointing to women-kind.  WHY do women do each other that way?  We all know that we don’t want to be dumped on by our men….so WHY-OH-WHY participate in helping one do it to another woman!?!?!?  And are women so stupid as to believe that just because the guy is cheating on his wife – doesn’t mean he will do it to them too?  If that is the type of person he is – he will.  Face it….there will always be ‘someone better’ sometime down the road.

There’s a coworker….seems he thinks he is ‘all that’.  He’s arrogant.  He’s a gossiper.  He doesn’t like working with women and especially not FOR women.  And what is amazing is that he is a fairly intelligent man – he could go far and be successful…..if he actually put forth a little effort.  But instead, he chooses to spread negativity all around and he THINKS he is manipulating things to go his way….when in reality he looks like a fool. He tries to pretend to be innocent when called on the mat for his actions…….but everyone knows the truth.  To me, that’s a very sad and insecure individual who finds a need to be that way.

Read a book recently – may have mentioned it before…..but it’s still on my mind.  Book =”Diary of a Mad Fat Girl”  Author is Stephanie McAfee – check her out – she has a blog here on WP.  The book is GREAT if you need a good laugh!  Can’t wait for the next book, for sure!

Teens….can someone explain them to me!?!?!?  I have a wonderful daughter.  Have never had much trouble out of her – she’s been a handful many times, but I think that because she and I have always been close and maintained open communication….overall, things have gone well.  We never experienced the ‘stuff’ that other people always talk about – the terrible two’s, the trying high school years….  BUT, she’s been out of school for a year now – will be 19 in a couple of months and all of a sudden I don’t know her.

It breaks my heart.  She’s hard to recognize anymore….she is rude, disrespectful and angry all of the time!  She seems mad at the world….and no one seems to know why.  I can’t open my mouth that I’m not getting yelled at or accused of off-the-wall things.  I’ve tried gently suggesting that she seek counseling….to learn how to work through all of these emotions she seems to be going through.  She says she has an appointment in a couple of weeks – I hope she keeps it and will be in a better place soon.

Awesome quote: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Unknown


  • 1jadedrose – thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I believe we are reaping what we sow. It’s the same with women who want to get ‘even’ with the other woman when their man cheats on them. I have never believed in going after the other woman. Why? Because we all make our choices, make our beds as the saying goes. If my man makes the choice to cheat – it’s him I’m upset with….not the other woman. But then we’ve come full circle again…I am disappointed in the woman who will cheat with a man who is attached…LOL

  • I have to agree we are often our own worse enemies I am trying to examine this through my own experiences and those of my friends. At some point I have to ask is it the men who are out to get us or are we simply reaping what we have sown. For any woman who thinks he wont do it to me think again you have better luck with the lotto..

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