Fibromyalgia – What a Pain!!

Literally.  It IS a real pain!

If you aren’t familiar with Fibromyalgia – here is a brief video


And, here is a laundry list of symptoms that go along with it – here.  You might be surprised – even if you are pretty sure you know about it.

So, I was diagnosed earlier this year.  My doctor didn’t even want to give me that diagnosis.  He said that he truly believes in the disease – but hates putting that ‘stigma’ on people.  He understands the lack of compassion and understanding that people (including other doctors) have about it.

But, as he says – once you’ve run all the tests and tried all the ‘cures’ to what’s ailing you…..sometimes there is nothing left to say.

I am not a person to get on the bandwagon and get involved with awareness groups etc.  But as I am learning more and more about the symptoms…..and can actually see where some of my symptoms were coming on EARLY in my life – I want to speak up a little.

I want others to be aware.  No – I DON’T want your sympathy.  Just your understanding that I may not be able to do all the things I would like to do….or that you would like me to do.

Heck – one of the reasons voiced by husband as to why he left us – is that HE believes I can/should fix this.  And I know that I can’t control it at this point.

The good news is….that I believe that one can and should continue to see what works even temporarily for them and do it so you can enjoy life!  I for one take St. John’s Wort every day – and it has helped more than any drug the doctor has tried so far.

But the BIGGEST change for me is that I am praying and having faith that God has healed me.  I know that I simply need to allow the healing to manifest in me….and that I may have some ‘other issues’ that I need to address in order to allow that healing to take place.  That’s okay.  I’m learning.  And slowly, I am feeling better!

Sure, I still have bad days… hasn’t started out the best, for example.  BUT – it’s not as severe as it was in months past.  So I KNOW that God is working in my life!

Thank You, Father – for healing me and taking care of me as always!  If there are any other Fibro sufferers – I ask that You show them the healing powers of Your love and give them peace from the pain.


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