How to Lose Weight? Good Question…

So I’m now on a mission to figure out how to get into shape.  To lose weight.  To feel better.  Yes, I know it’s as simple as realizing that one needs to burn more calories than consumed – right?

Well, if you struggle with your weight as I do, you KNOW it’s NOT that simple!  It’s much harder than one thinks.  Especially if you are not as young as you used to be.

I have a friend who is like my twin.  She struggles just the same as I do.  Out of the clear blue one day, she started looking better.  Her skin was cleared and the dark circles under her eyes were gone.  She looked… she felt better, even though she hadn’t exactly lost any noticeable weight.

I asked her what happened and she told me about a detox program that she and her husband do from time to time.  She told me about how much better she felt – like she was now ready to face the battle of her weight.  And then she started a diet program that her dad told her about (he had lost 86 lbs at that point).

This inspired me greatly!  So, when I finally worked through some other physical issues I had at the time (like trying to learn to live with Fibromyalgia – which had just been diagnosed), I decided I would do it too.  I ordered the food for the weight loss program and was ready to go.

I KNEW that one of my difficulties would be not only caffeine withdrawal but also sugar withdrawals due to giving up my soft drinks.  Unlike most, I never did learn to drink the diet or sugar-free soft drinks.  Some ingredient in them makes me feel really sick.  So I planned for this by taking a little time off of work to do the detox program.  That way as I started feeling bad on days 3 or 4 (as most ppl tell you will happen), I could be home to deal with it rather than trying to concentrate on work.

I did great on the detox program for TWO days only.  Then my heart started palpating like crazy.  I have an irregular heart beat – and whatever is in the powder must have a negative effect on me?  It scared me, so I quit doing it.  BUT, while doing it even for only the 2 days – I discovered that I had no withdrawals as expected.  And I did start feeling better by simply eating the healthy stuff.

So, I figured this would be a breeze to move right on to the weight loss program.  Day 1 – I survived, but felt awful.  Sorry folks, but I never have been able to do those silly shakes – which most of the program consists of those.  Day 2 – made it only half-way.  I’m such a quitter! Grrrrr!

By the end of the week – although I didn’t actually ‘do’ the program, I was attentive to what I ate etc.  And, guess what!?  I lost 7 lbs the first week! Woot!

Then we went out of town….on a real family vacation.  And needless to say, I blew it big time.  I gained 4 lbs back….  But, I didn’t feel the need to be hard on myself.  I KNEW that I could do it by being sensible and paying attention to what I consume.

Sure enough, I lost those 4 lbs. again.  And here I am now.  Ready to move forward.  I went shopping yesterday trying to be very selective in my choices and planning ahead for my meals.  I think I did alright!

I will keep you posted for sure!

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