Eating Clean

One day while sitting under a heating pad at my physical therapist clinic I stumbled across a magazine called “Oxygen.”  No, it’s not Oprah’s magazine “O” – but is a fitness magazine for women.

Besides providing constant awesome tips on exercise etc., they really promote “Eating Clean“. I find myself wandering back to this as I walk thru my struggles with my health.

Deep down I know that this is how we all should eat.  I know that I would benefit from changing my habits and moving more towards clean eating.  So, what’s my hang-up you say?

Well… far it still seems overwhelming.  It seems like a LOT of work to prepare for meals.  They say in many of the recipe ideas that it’s simple….but it looks complicated to me.  Heck, some of the ingredients I am flat clueless about!

I believe that is fear.  And a lame excuse – don’t you think?  So, I’m not giving up.  I’m going to keep chipping away at it until it’s a comfortable thing for me.

Wish me luck!

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