Dating in the Dark

Have you seen that show “Dating in the Dark” yet?  It’s on Monday nights.  I’ve been watching it off and on.  Mainly out of curiosity and the lack of anything worthwhile on television.

I realize that this show, like many others are ‘staged’ if you will.  That doesn’t surprise me….nothing on television is real anymore.  But it amazes me how goofy so-called adults are these days.  Or have we always been that goofy and it just so happens that it is now televised?  Hmmm……  Nope, I do not remember ever being that silly.  Sorry.

So you get to hear the reason why these people choose to try dating in the dark.  It’s usually something along the lines of “I want to be chosen for who I am, not what I look like.” Yea, right.  The minute they start in the dating, they start working to see how athletic the person is, how active they are, they want to touch and feel so they can guess what one looks like.

Then starts the dating.  And sorry guys, but most of them are absolutely ridiculous!  If the men out there really are like that – then count me out.  Ick!  They come on way too strong.  They are way too self-centered and assuming they are God’s gift to all women.  Really!?  Then why did they even bother to take this challenge on???

Whatever, like I said – I know it’s staged for the most part.  But I can’t believe that we as a society feel that this is entertaining and worthwhile.

All of this is strictly my opinion, of course!

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