H1N1 Flu

So by now everyone knows about the H1N1 flu issue (otherwise known as the Swine Flu) – right? Okay, I have some my own issues with this issue!

First of all, I went to a City-wide informational session last Thursday on “H1N1 – What Employers Need to Know.” It was put on by the Health Department. Bottom line – they stated that it really wasn’t any worse than the seasonal flu. And, as a matter of fact, IF anyone in our area had the flu or flu-like symptoms – chances were it was H1N1 because the seasonal hasn’t hit here yet. They assured us that we just needed to take the general precautions and have leniency with those who are ill.

On Friday, the following day – Obama declares the H1N1 a National Emergency. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! But I just learned from the experts that it wasn’t all that bad!

To top it off – they put panic in people with all of the media coverage and the National Emergency declaration. We are told to “get the vaccine!” So, what do we do? Everyone piles into long, never-ending lines….exposing ourselves to even more germs and infection. Only to find out that “sorry, we are out.”

Why is it that there is no common sense anymore? If the government wants everyone to have the darn vaccination, then why isn’t there the supply?

Good grief!

See ya soon – If I don’t catch the crud 🙂

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