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“It Was the Love,” He Said….


“It Was The Love”

I just heard a man’s testimony on the radio this morning that struck a chord with me.  He said that he grew up Muslim.  However, through a lot of adverse things in his life, he became an Atheist.
At one point a couple of years ago, he decided he was tired of all of the anger and hatred that you hear in today’s music.  So he started searching for ‘clean music’ that his kids could listen to.  He stumbled across the Christian radio station K-Love.
Fast-forward to now and he is a Christian.  They asked him what was it that finally did it for him.  His answer?  LOVE!
He said that it touched him that there wasn’t all of the fighting and arguing being spewed.  It was the love that everyone talked and sang about.  He initially thought it had to be phony…but with time he realized it was real. And, he studied the bible and discovered that Jesus showed love to everyone regardless of who they were or what they had done.  He realized it was real.
For me, that brought to mind something else.  I have had friends and met people who are excited about sharing the Word.  So much so that you almost can’t carry on a normal conversation because they are busy quoting scripture to you in response to everything.  Half the time what they quote doesn’t even apply (or at least the person they are talking to can’t see the connection).
I’ve even attended a church in the past that is full of very loving people who desire to do God’s work.  However, if you are new or a visitor and happen to have a version of the bible that differs from the King James – then they hound you about it.  They try to ‘kindly’ give you the ‘right’ one.  They have been known to corner you and tell you how wrong you are because you grew up in a different church.
None of that wins the lost, people.  As a matter of fact – it turns them off and sends them running.  Which honestly, I don’t blame them!
I think that in our effortts to ‘win souls’ – we forget the most important thing:  show God’s love.  It’s not supposed to be the human effort anyhow.  All we are to do is let His love show through us.  The rest is between God and that other person.  It’s God’s love shining through us that attracts the lost.  They want what we have – just like that man mentioned earlier.
Jesus did not run after people and judge them.  He didn’t make them feel guilty.  He simply loved them where they were.
So I believe we should stop preaching at people.  Stop arguing your point.  Stop trying to show them how wrong they are and how right you are.  Stop quoting words that don’t mean much to the non-Christian.  Just love them.  Let God’s love shine through you in how you live your life.  Not through your efforts/works – but by being open to God’s will.

This N That

Hello!  Just checking in again.  It’s been a few days.  I keep having headaches lately – so by the time I get home, I’m not too interested in the computer.  I think it’s the front that finally blew in today.

First, let me tell you that I really learned a LOT at church this past weekend.  And I think EVERYONE who is in a relationship or thinking about a relationship should listen to this (see the one dated 9-19-2010).  Yes, it says it’s about sexual fulfillment – but don’t freak out or be turned away because you are already satisfied, thank you very much!  Just listen.  I would put money down that you learn a thing or two!  This is about RELATIONSHIPS not the actual act of sex.

Of course, as you know if you’ve been reading my posts – my hubby has moved out.  So, this particular sermon was not expected to speak to me much.  Boy was I wrong!  It did big time.  Not in just things that I think we could have done better in relating with each other – but other stuff too.  It was very enlightening.

Speaking of hubby – I can’t recall if I mentioned this before or not, but I had texted hubby one day a while back and asked if he would still be willing to go to marriage counseling.  After all, HE had suggested it prior to our little trip to the mountains.  And, even though we are separated doesn’t mean that we couldn’t try to work things out – right?  Well, he didn’t answer.  I let it go and didn’t request an answer.  Typically, when he doesn’t answer – it’s because the answer is ‘no’.

But, after the sermon, I really felt like I needed to try one last time with him.  So I asked again.  He clearly stated “No” this time.  So, I decided I better get my act together for real.  All this time, I kept hoping that there was some shred left.  Something that we could still hold on to and try to build from – know what I mean?

When he stated that he had no interest – it was a bit of a turning point for me and so I told him that I would let him go.  He thanked me.  He apologized for not making it work…..and assured me that this decision had nothing to do with another woman. Blah, blah, blah….

I then went to visit my attorney to see where I stood and what would need to happen to make this final.  Since hubby and I aren’t fighting over anything – it will be a simple process.  I hope.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not rushing out to get divorced.  I still don’t want it to happen – but I can’t make him love me either.  So I just need to be realistic.

I also have to work to get the money together….so it will be a while.

In the meantime…..I will journey on.  And LOTS of things have been taking place as far as God and me!  I will have to fill you in soon.

Take care!