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Okay – I can’t stand it anymore!  Maybe it’s because I have been battling the crud all week and I’m tired – BUT, I can’t refrain from voicing my opinions about a couple of things any longer!

First on my list – MOTORCYCLES.

Now, you have to understand – I grew up in a family who always had motorcycles.  We had street bikes, dirt bikes, 3-wheelers, dune buggy….you name it!  And LOVED every minute of it too!

Having said that though….I have to complain a little about the LACK OF COMMON SENSE these days!  We (we being people in enclosed vehicles) are constantly bombarded by media to slow down.  To watch carefully for motorcycles. To pay attention.  And I admit we have some real idiots out there on the road.  But I do not believe that it has to be so one-sided as the media tends to play it.  Go ahead….surf the web and read articles about the accidents.  You will find that the news is always written so that it causes people to think “Oh, how awful – another terrible driver not watching for those motorcycles, driving too fast, killing someone!” Blah, blah, blah – you get the pic!

However, why don’t we hear appeals to the motorcyclists about THEIR actions!?!?!?  Here is an example….yesterday morning I was driving in to work.  It was still a bit dark out, but roads were clear.  The road we were on is a 4-lane with a speed limit of 55 mph.  I was in the left lane planning to turn up ahead a little.  In the right-hand lane and probably about 1/4 of a mile ahead was a semi-truck.  We are the only ones on the road headed that way.

Next thing I see is an IDIOT on a motorcycle sitting at a stop sign on the right-hand side of the road.  He/she decides NOT to wait the extra 30 seconds for the truck to pass, but to pull RIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF HIM!!!  To make matters worse, does the idiot pull out and quickly move to the left-hand lane to get out of the way? NO, of course not!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I watched and waited for the truck to take the motorcycle out.  The truck was right up on it….barely any space left between the two.  The idiot made no move to change the situation and the trucker……well, thank God he was paying attention and not glancing the other direction or anything!

And – what about the motorcycles vs. cars?  We always see the headlines of a car who pulled out in front of a motorcycle.  Implying that the car driver didn’t look good enough….but I’m here to say that I’ve experienced on more than one occasion when you do the looking as you should and BAM!  Out of no where there is a motorcycle suddenly…..why?  Because they are driving like a bat out of hell with not a care in the world.  Well…..at least until they become a greasy spot on the road.

Sorry folks – but if you are going to ride a motorcycle – YOU need to watch for others as well.  Use a little common sense and think ahead before you become another statistic.

Second on my list – FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Now, I’m going to go too far into this subject – because believe me, I fully understand the constant debate about this issue.  I could also hold my own on this debate if I so choose.  However, I’m not really the kind of person who enjoys discussing/debating politics or religion with people.  I figure both is a no-win situation.

But someone was mentioning how wonderful our country was and how important it is to hold on to that privilege of free speech.  And I fully agree……however, I find it funny that many people (particularly MEDIA and GOVERNMENT) – well, they don’t REALLY believe in free speech.

Let’s analyze a little.  Let’s define the word “freedom.”  According to one source, Freedom is defined as “the condition of being free from restraint.” “Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.”  “The capacity to exercise choice; free will.” “The power or right to engage in certain actions without control or interference.”   Uh….you get the picture.

“So…what’s your point contentntexas?”  Well, it is amazing to me that with all of the discussion about one’s rights etc., that there hasn’t been anyone (or if they were out there, the MEDIA certainly didn’t cover it) bringing up the unbalance of it all.

My current profession is in Human Resources…..so I see examples of this daily.  But have you noticed that we can’t say what we think anymore?  We can’t talk like we want anymore?   Some examples:  Society isn’t allowed to use the “N-word” that has been such a huge issue in the past.  BUT, caucasians can be called “honky” or “cracker” and no one says a word.  In the workplace, we are no longer allowed to joke with our friends….for fear that there may be someone around the corner who is “offended.”  (And please folks….I’m not looking to be attacked for my words here…I’m just trying to come up with some examples)

And don’t EVEN get me started on all of the things we have to change to accomodate all of the various people that we have migrating to the U.S! The bottom line is – in America, we are no longer allowed to laugh and have fun because “someone might not like it.”  And my point is…..WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH?  If people would stop worrying so much about what others say and actually try to enjoy life a little more…..things might go a LOT better!  Why can’t people just enjoy life anymore without some group protesting!?  I say mind your own business, quit being so sensitive, and leave others alone! Hmph!

Third on my list – CELEBRITY GARBAGE

I’m not talking much about this…except to say that I’m REALLY sick of hearing about the “father of Sarah Palin’s grandbaby” and “Jon & Kate’s” life!

Are you serious!?!?!?  Why-oh-why is that the only thing on the darn television lately?  Or the radio?  Good grief people get a life!!!  Everyone has ups and downs in their lives….leave it alone already.

I promise that it makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in my existence to know about who is sleeping with who….and who has household chores (oh no! what a horrible life to be assigned responsibility….and THIS comes from the young man who knocked his girlfriend up!).  I don’t really care who may or may not be doing drugs or writing notes or spending money.  Guess what!?  None of my business, thank you very much!

And finally – HALLOWEEN:

I heard on the radio today a poll being taken.  The question is “Should christians celebrate Halloween?”  I heard this and loads of thoughts started rambling around.  But before I get to that, let me give you a little history on….me. I promise to make it short.

I grew up in the average family.  We didn’t really go to church, but we always knew God was there watching over us.  We also dressed up for Halloween.  Never thought a thing about it.  We even…um….egged a few houses in our time.  No real harm done – just good old fun!

Shortly after I became a single mom and was trying to raise my daughter on my own – I was also on a search for a closer, stronger relationship with God.  At that time, I became friends with a couple of very well-meaning ladies…who had what I thought I was looking for.  So, I tried to absorb all that they said was the “right thing to do” because at that time, I assumed they knew more than me – right?

So, along comes Halloween.  And they say “oh no, we shouldn’t participate in Halloween!”  “If you study it’s origins, you find it is from evil.  It is a means of worshipping evil.”  Later through the years, I even heard “it’s a celebration for the pagans.”  As a result, with mixed feelings of guilt and desiring to do the “right thing” – I wouldn’t allow my daughter to participate.  Sure, we went to the “Fall Harvest” or whatever the church called it at the time….but NO WAY did she dress in anything scary or evil and go trick-or-treating!  God forbid!

Now, I’m remarried and have a 3 1/2 year old son.  It’s nearing Halloween and I’m thinking of the poll question….

You know what?  I believe that just as anything else in life – if you look hard enough – you can find good or bad.  IF we chose to celebrate Halloween (or any other holiday that people constantly debate) with the plan to worship someone or thing other than the one and only God – then yes, I believe that is wrong.  (Again, this is MY belief).

And on the same token, if we simply choose to enjoy life and have a little laughter by dressing up, getting our adrenaline going, having fun with family and friends…..do you REALLY think that God disapproves?  I know, some of you do….but I don’t.

Okay, I’ve stepped down from my soapbox now.  Aren’t you glad!?  Hopefully the next blog will be a little more on the positive note.  Of course there will always be more debateable issues….so maybe we will address them a little down the road.

In the meantime – I encourage everyone to slow down, relax, enjoy life, get up early enough to be blessed with a beautiful sunrise…..or go spend some valuable time with your family and friends – life is short.  It’s not worth being stressed and arguing!

See ya! 🙂

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