Let Me Introduce Myself

I have a million and one things running through my head – and I keep thinking I need – no, make that NEED to share them with someone.  My hubby is not much of a conversationalist – so sharing with him is  fruitless.  Most of the time he will only half-listen, if at all….and then he never responds (long story – I’ll get back with you!)

My mother – who was my BEST friend – passed away last year.  So we don’t talk like we used to.

I don’t have any real friends.  Doesn’t that sound awful!?  Don’t get me wrong – people like me.  As a matter of fact, I am usually the person many people seek out when they need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear, advice etc.  BUT – I think it is because of that very thing that I don’t have any real friends.

Friendship is like a marriage.  It takes commitment from both parties.  Unfortunately, I am NOT very good at the commitment part.  I mean – I am usually out of energy by the time the work day ends….and therefore, I don’t have anything left for friendship.  People at work wear me out.  I BARELY have anything left for my family (I know, I know – that is NOT a good thing!).

So, here I am folks.  I’ve decided to lay it all out there…..here…..on this blog.  Maybe someone will stumble upon it and find an interest in my random thoughts and opinions.  Gotta warn you though – I’m not writing something for mass publication in which I have to be careful with my grammar, etc.  This is me.  Just jotting my thoughts down.

Hoping maybe I can make a friend or two along the way – sorry, it won’t be the “come over for coffee” kind of friendship – as I stated my reasons above – but more of a comment posting maybe emailing kind of friendship!  Now THAT I can do!

Gotta run for now – see ya~

One comment

  • Man are you reading my mind or what? I am a bit behind but starting with your first writing about motorcycles. You are right it is a two way street and the bikes need to pay attention too! Yes we ride a bike a 2002 Harley Davidson fatboy! We love riding but sure see some dummies out there riding too. Yes i have seen some cars trucks ect. that seem to intentionally try to aggrivate the bikes, but I know that it is not always the enclosed vehicle fault when there is an accident!!
    Freedom of speech–
    You hit that nail on the head. I have been thinking the same thing. I deal with this type of stuff at work all the time. HR is also part of my job so yes it is a mess and because you cant say what you feel or think makes it very hard!
    I know where your coming from, I am the same way. I have lots of people whom i visit with and we talk but to have a close friend or best friend. I do not. I do have lots of friends but no one really close. I have lived in Dalhart for 20 years and it seems iknow most everyone or though know me. LOL (mainly because i have been at the same job for 15 years, they know my name not me) I also have a hard time with the commitment part of the friendship realationship. I always put my kids and family first. Once my work day is over then i am tired and I just dont want to do much just be lazy. I am finding i do have a little more time now that my kids are getting older. The girls have moved out and on their own and Delwin is 18 so he will move out before long most likely. Then i will be going nuts at home. LOL
    Just wanted you to know that I understand where your coming from and I agree! I love the blog! I have never blogged any until you got me started on yours. Love ya girl

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